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InfinityFree Knowledge Base

Welcome to the InfinityFree Knowledge Base. This knowledge base is filled with articles detailing many common operations and common issues. If you need any help with your hosting, this is the place to start!

How can I get help

If you want to get help quickly, here is a good process to follow:

  1. Check the knowledge base first. Many common questions have been answered there already. Try using the search bar in the top right corner!
  2. Search our community forum. Thousands of questions have been asked and answered there already, so maybe you can find an answer there already!
  3. Create a new topic on our community forum and ask your question there. Please be sure to be specific in your message, and include relevant details like account usernames, URLs and exact error messages.

How can I contact support

Please note that InfinityFree does not provide any one-on-one technical support for free hosting.

The only exception is for account suspensions. If your account is suspended for abuse, then you can find a ticket system in the client area for the suspended account.

For any other questions, please check the knowledge base and forum first, and create a new topic if you can't find your answer there.

If you would like to have one-on-one technical support, please consider upgrading your account to premium hosting.