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Where can I get support for my account

If you have questions about InfinityFree, the service we provide, or need help in getting your website up and running, we provide a community support forum where you can ask your question. On that forum, you can ask your question, so staff and other community members can help you. You can also find many questions which have already been asked by others. So be sure to search the forum first before posting, because maybe your question has already been answered before!

However, InfinityFree does not provide email support, phone support, ticket support, chat support or other one-on-one support for any free hosting services.

Why is there no support for free hosting?

Why don't we provide one-on-one support with free hosting? Do we not care about the people who use our free hosting?

Quite the contrary!

We want to provide you with the best free hosting experience we can, and personal support simply cannot reasonably be a part of that.

We host hundreds of thousands of websites completely for free. We won't ask any free hosting user for payment, ever. The only revenue we make from free hosting is through the advertisements on our website and control panel. That gives us a limited budget to build great hosting.

We could spend this budget to hire staff which would help you manage your entire website. However, that would leave less money to actually build our hosting infrastructure. That means that your website would be slow and unreliable, but there would be plenty of people around to apologize for that. We don't want to provide that kind of service.

Instead, we want to invest everything in making our infrastructure the fastest and most reliable free hosting system around. Which means that regardless of your skill level, you will have a fast and reliable website.

Where should I go if I have questions?

The first place to check is the knowledge base you're looking at right now. Many commonly asked questions have been answered here already.

If you don't find your answer in the knowledge base, please check our community forum as well. Many more questions have been answered there.

If your question is not answered yet, please feel free to open a new discussion on the forum! Both InfinityFree staff and community volunteers are happy to help you out.

But my account is suspended!

If your account is suspended, please check the client area for more information. If your account needs to be reviewed by staff, you can submit a ticket from there.

Please don't use the forum or general contact email address to ask about your suspension. They cannot help you.

But my website is down!

There are millions of different reasons why you can't see your website, ranging from server issues, bad website configuration, software bugs or even an issue on your own computer or internet connection.

Many of those issues cannot be fixed by InfinityFree staff. We can't fix your browser, and we are not experts on all of the tens of thousands of different software packages you can host with us.

As the website administrator, it's your responsibility to diagnose and fix such issues. And you should determine who might be best suited to help you.

If you want help from the hosting side, you can create a discussion on the community forums where you can describe your issue. That way, people who know more about the hosting and the software you're using can help you out.

But your server is down!

We do take server issues seriously and do our best to solve them as soon as possible. However, we cannot sift through a large number of issue reports to determine which are a server issue and which aren't, and we cannot keep hundreds of thousands of people informed personally.

InfinityFree staff regularly visits the community forum to see if there are any system wide issues. Be sure to check the forum for yourself, maybe we've already published updates there!

Do I get support with premium hosting?

Absolutely! With premium hosting, you get access to a support system where you can talk directly with premium hosting staff, who will be happy to get you up and running. Please see the premium hosting page for more information.