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How to find the IP address of your account

If you want more in-depth control over your DNS records, the nameservers of InfinityFree are probably not enough for you. You want to use your own nameservers, but you need to know the IP address of your website to do that. But how do you find it?

WARNING: Important notes when using your own nameservers!

If you are going to use your own nameservers instead of the ones provided by InfinityFree, it's very important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Our servers will only show your website if your domain name is assigned to a hosting account. Simply pointing it to the IP address or main domain of your account will NOT make it show your website!
  • To add a domain name to your account, it MUST point to our nameservers at moment you're adding it. After you've added the domain, you can move it (back) to your own nameservers.
  • We may, on rare ocassions, change the IP address of your hosting account. We will automatically update our own nameservers (including your main domain), but we cannot update your own nameservers, and may not announce the new IP address.
  • If you add a subdomain of your own domain, you will have to manually add a DNS record to your own nameservers too. We do this automatically for our own nameservers, but not for yours.
  • If you would like to setup custom MX records, CNAME records or SPF records, you need to do this through the DNS management system of your own nameservers. The sections in our control panel only affect our own nameservers.

For this reason, we highly recommend to use our nameservers whenever possible.

Using CNAME or ALIAS records

Some DNS providers (but not all) support DNS records of type ALIAS, sometimes also called CNAME Flattening. Using these is the easiest and safest way to use your own nameservers.

To use CNAME flattening, you first need to lookup your account's main domain. You can find the main domain in the sidebar of your control panel. It should look something like this:

main domain

Then, create an ALIAS record (or CNAME record) for your domain name in your own nameservers, pointing to your account's main domain.

For subdomains, you can create a regular CNAME record pointing to the main domain.

Using A records

The IP address associated with a hosting account cannot be found in the control panel, but you can find it yourself. To do so, you will need to look up the IP address associated with your account's main domain.

You can find the IP address using the dig utility installed on macOS or Linux, or use a web-based tool, like Google's Dig tool. In the web tool, enter your account's main domain (see screenshot above) and click the button saying "A". The output should look something like this:

id 64169
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
;ANSWER 21599 IN A

In this output, the IP address of your account is

For subdomains, you can create a CNAME record pointing your subdomain to the main domain of your account.