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I cannot login to Webmail

Are you having trouble logging in to your email accounts with webmail? This article explains some common issues people have when logging in.

Use your email account details (not hosting account details!)

To login to webmail, you need to use the login details of the email account you're logging in to, which are different from your client area and hosting account credentials.

  • Username: the full email address of the email account you're logging in to. If you have a domain name "" and an email address "", you need to enter "" here.
  • Password: the password of the specific email account. This is the password you can configure through the Email Accounts section in your control panel. This is not the same as your client area, control panel or FTP passwords.

Make sure your password doesn't contain special characters

The control panel allows you to enter passwords which include special characters. Only use letters and numbers in the password, using other characters may prevent you from logging in. This is a known issue.

Make sure you are using our webmail installation

You can only access email accounts on InfinityFree using the webmail installation at:

While it's possible to install webmail software elsewhere, including on your own hosting account, you will not be able to use it to connect to your InfinityFree email accounts. To use external email software, you will need an email service with IMAP and SMTP support. IMAP and SMTP is not available for email accounts hosted by InfinityFree.