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Getting SSL certificates from or

InfinityFree provides free hosting with the ability to upload SSL certificates. So many people will want to get a free SSL certificate to use on their website.

The recommnnded way to get free SSL certificates is using the SSL certificates tool in the InfinityFree client area.

But, some people choose to go to external websites, like or to get their SSL certificates.

Can I use external free SSL tools with InfinityFree?

No, external free SSL websites (like or cannot be used with InfinityFree.

Both the free SSL system from InfinityFree and most free SSL websites get their certificates from a service called Let's Encrypt. However, Let's Encrypt will only issue certificates if they can validate you control the domain name. Let's Encrypt has two validation systems: HTTP and DNS TXT.

HTTP validation doesn't work with InfinityFree due to a security system which prevents access from automated tools. Because of that, you'll see errors like this:

Invalid response from [185.27.134.XXX]

DNS TXT validation is not available because InfinityFree does not provide the ability to set custom TXT records on your own domain. Full DNS management is only available with premium hosting.

How can I get free SSL certificates for my own domain?

The best way to get free SSL certificates is using the free SSL Certificates tool by InfinityFree. This tool also uses Let's Encrypt to get free SSL certificates, but with a few additions and tweaks to make it work with free hosting.

How can I get free SSL certificates for my free subdomain?

Free SSL for free subdomains is not available at this time. In addition to the limitations covered above, Let's Encrypt enforces strict limits on how many certificates they will issue for each registered domain name. Since domains like and count as a single registered domain, very few certificates can be issued for free subdomains. Because of that, we have chosen to not issue free SSL certificates for free subdomains at all.

We're currently working on a way to get free SSL on free subdomain as well. But until that option is ready, you cannot get free SSL for free subdomains.